Tiny Treasures

It’s not too early, is it? Getting going with the little gifts, I mean. Those wee items you might stuff in stockings…

I spun up a sample of the softest merino/yak/silk blend and ended up with a little plum sized ball of a light two ply yarn – so light and soft it seemed it could practically float away. It reminded me of fairy tale creatures – the kind of sweet little bunnies and mice you find between the pages of classic story books. I found some wonderful patterns to bring my idea to life. Marisol the Knitted Mouse by Rachel Borello Carroll was the take off for my little bunny. I changed the arms and legs and extended the ears, then made a carrot for good measure to make sure this bunny wasn’t mistaken for a mouse. After knitting, I noticed Rachel does have a bunny pattern too!

Knitted Mouse and Carrot Pattern

There was still some of that precious handspun left after the bunny. A large walnut sized ball of possibility.  I thought of soft little baby mice and paired the handspun with some colorful mini skeins to create some little meeces from the Fair Isle Mouse pattern by Janet McMahon of the Yellow, Pink and Sparkly blog.

Knitted Mouse Pattern

A few more little treasures for the gift box. Thanks so much for sharing your inspired patterns, girls!




    • Mom says

      You could start stashing the little knitted treasures away now for future Grandchildren and be way ahead of the game, Kristie!

  1. says

    It’s never too early to start on stocking stuffer gifts. The mice are really cute! I haven’t yet attempted Fair Isle knitting. Some day soon though.

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