The Tour is ON!

Yay! It’s finally here – that crazy, worldwide spinning extravaganza known as Tour de Fleece. I don’t have any network television here in Greece, so sadly – I can’t follow the race, but I can spin my little heart out, Crafty Friends and I’m off to a roaring start with spinning project numero uno: a braid of BFL/silk roving that Carli dyed for me in her kitchen. It’s a two color variegated roving, so I split it up into the three parts: each of the two colors and the places where the colors combined and made a third color.

I’m spinning each of the colors consecutively to create a gradient skein. My first thought was that I’d knit a shawl from it until I realized that the 100 gram braid I spun and chain plied in the past only came out to about 130 yards. Okay – so maybe a hat! I’m nothing if not flexible. :-)

Creating a gradient on the spindle was sort of like knitting with self striping yarn. I spun so quickly and was so motivated because I couldn’t wait to see the next color start to appear. As a result, I managed to spin through the entire 100 grams in 8 days (not in a row), of somewhat intensive spindling.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Day Four:

 Day Five:

Day Six:

 Day Seven:

Day Eight:

 It’ll be a chain ply for this to keep the colors together. I’ll report back when I have yarn! ♥


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