The Sock Swap

Here’s something fun to do with your knitting friends – how about a sock swap? You could set up personal swaps for anything really, but there’s something special about socks – the effort involved. It’s one of those rare gifts – almost like receiving a sweater with all those hundreds of stitches!

My Ravelry friend Piratered and I set up our own little sock swap. She made a pair of surprise socks inspired by me and I did the same for her. She sent me these gorgeous socks from the Atlantis pattern. I love the idea of a pattern named for an ancient civilization….especially since I’m temporarily living in the ancient city of Athens, Greece. So clever, that Red!

She stitched up these pretty things in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock. I love the heft of this yarn. It’s a soft and comfy fingering, but with some structure to it – a respectable amount of twist and great elasticity. When I pull these on, I know they and my feet will be well acquainted for years.

I can’t claim to be as relevant and clever as my pal. I first knit her a pair of Potamus in a teal/blue variegated yarn that made me think of the ocean. See, Piratered is a makeup artist and when I first met her, she was dressing up as The Little Mermaid. If she was a cartoon, she’d look exactly like Ariel too! Sadly, those socks were too big around the foot and no matter what tricks I tried to use to save them – ripping back and knitting on smaller needles, decreasing stitches – it just wasn’t working out and they had to be abandoned. 

I reknit her Kai Mei in Colinette Jitterbug, and although they don’t have the same cool connection to my friend – I did knit them by the sea, they do make me think of her and I think she’ll like them. And isn’t that the whole point of gifts…

…giving your best effort to make someone happy?   ♥




  1. Becca says

    I looooooooooooove my socks! Thanks to being handed an extra day at work, I haven’t had the chance to take proper photos. But they fit beautifully! <3

    • Carli says

      Welcome Charlotte – so glad you have you following along! Delights Gems is a fabulous website. I love her potholders!

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