The Pursuit of Hoppy-ness

I’ve been looking for cute little bunnies to knit, bunnies to delight my Grandchildren on Easter morning.

Small Knitted Easter Bunny GIfts

These little mini bunnies are about the size of jelly beans. They sure made me smile. Once I started I didn’t want to stop!

Knit Bunny Patterns for Easter Gifts

The pattern is Tiny Baby Bunnies by Anna Hrachovec. Tiny Baby Bunnies are apparently very popular! There’s a contest sponsored by Koigu, and even a Tiny Bunnies Movement!

Knit Bunny Pattern for Easter Gift Ideas

I’m in Tiny Baby Bunny Love!




  1. Sarah says

    Mochiland! Love it! I made my almost 2 year old a handful of these in a tiny nest and she loooooves them. No she doesn’t eat them. :) Yours are delightful!

    • Mom says

      Cute little bunny, Paula! Thanks so much for the compliment, too. We have fun sharing what we’re up to, so it works out perfectly that you enjoy it! :-)

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