The Amazing Photo Display Puzzle!

DIY PicturesKnowing how much I love both taking and displaying family photos, Sister-in-law Cindee made me the most unique and clever Christmas present ever! Even better, she documented her progress with pictures, knowing I’d want to blog about it. How’s that for thinking ahead?

Cindee says you’ll need:

Supplies for DIY Picture Puzzle(9)  2.5 inch wooden blocks
(6) 8 x 8 photos
a paper cutter
wood glue
(2 or 3) sponge paint brushes
mod podge
acrylic paint (Cindee used black)

 The Steps She Took:

DIY Picture Display Puzzle Blocks1. Paint all sides of the wooden blocks with your acrylic paint.

2. Trim photos to 7-1/4 or to fit the blocks – the best way to do this is to lay the photo on top of the blocks and trim it. Cindee wanted a little edge of the block to show on all sides so she trimmed accordingly. 

DIY Picture Display Puzzle with Blocks3. Trim the photo into thirds vertically and again horizontally. Make minor trimming adjustments as necessary. 

DIY Photo Picture Block Display4. Use the wood glue to adhere the picture puzzle pieces to the blocks.

5. Turn blocks all in the same direction (pick a direction and stick to it throughout the first four photos, let’s say to the right) to trim and glue each photo to the blocks. Once you’ve completed the first four, flip blocks toward you for the 5th photo. Turn back to the first photo, then flip blocks away from you for the final photo. 

Mod Podge Blocks DIY Picture7. Once all photos have been glued in place, apply 3 to 5  layers of mod podge to each side allowing it to dry completely in between applications.

8. If you’re talented in the woodworking sort of way, you can make a display box like my brother Art made for mine. I think it’s a really nice finishing detail, but the puzzle is still totally great without it too.

If you are careful to move your blocks in tandem without mixing up block placement, you’ll be able to display any of the 6 different photos by rotating each of the blocks the same number of times in the same direction. My girls are endlessly entertained by mixing up the pictures, so they consider the franken-photo a very funny option. Either way, I think my Photo Display Puzzle and my Crafty Sister in Law Cindee are both amazing!



    • Carli says

      Thanks so much Carol! My sister-in-law always comes up with such witty Christmas gifts. I’m always so excited to get her gifts (as selfish as that may sound)….LOL!

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