Sunny Citrus Ornaments

Citrus Orange and Clove Dehydrated Christmas Oranaments

Nothing sets me to humming caroles and hanging mistletoe more than that holiday fragrance of  pine, cinnamon, cloves and citrus.Mmmm!

In the process of making some  holiday potpourri, my girls and I came up with the bright idea to transform dehydrated orange slices into natural ornaments. Poking a few whole cloves into the slice really upped its’ scents-ability! Be sure to do your poking before dehydrating. We also cut some oranges in half, removed the pulp and sliced them from the top of the edge down to the center to look like sunny orange flowers!

Orange and Cloves Dehydrated Christmas Ornaments

When it comes to the drying, you can’t beat a dehydrator. The screened racks allow good airflow so everything dries uniformly and the color is preserved. Alternatively, you can also dry thinly sliced orange slices in your oven at a low temperature – about 175 to 200  degrees. To avoid later spoilage, leave the slices in the oven or dehydrator until they’re crispy/dry and translucent in the pulp area.

Dehydrated Orange and Clove Christmas Ornaments

Our sunny citrus ornaments sure look festive tied on the tree with a short length of rafia and I can’t even begin to describe the deliciously spicy and citrusy scent that wafted through the house as they dried.

These went right on the tree with our Cinnamon Spice Ornaments from last year. And yes, those continue to smell just as wonderful as they originally did!



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