Mustache Valentine Fun

Mustache Valentine Ideas

As I was browsing through my latest favorite addiction, Pinterest, I found some great Valentine’s ideas for my girls to share with their friends. Check out this one – A mustache lollipop valentine from Blonde Designs. I just had to laugh when I saw it, because I immediately knew that middle daughter, Jaydin, would be giving these to her friends. A mustache lollipop is totally her style. She thinks the mustachio trend is quite possibly the best ever!

Although Jade loved the idea, she thought she could improve on the mustache template so she drew her own – a mustache that is a little more dramatic – just like she is! Feel free to use Jaydin’s dramatic mustache template.  She cut them out of a firm felt with glitter embedded into it and used my seam ripper to carefully make a hole that her lollipop stick would fit into.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Jade and her mustachio’ed middle school set!



  1. Wendy says

    Thanks for sharing the great artwork Jaydin! I too saw this idea on Pinterest but wasn’t thrilled with the pattern. My 11 yr old daughter is taking these to school tomorrow :)


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