Lets Make Butter

Remember my Crafty cousin Trish who inspired my Homemade Vanilla Extract blog post ? Well, she got me thinking again when she asked if I’d ever made butter. I was intrigued, to say the least! She told me that she had read that it’s just heavy whipping cream whipped until the fat separated from the milk. Today we tried it and it was a huge success! Forgive me if I toot my own horn, but this butter was FAR better than anything from the grocery store!

Make Butter out of Whipping Cream Recipe

My daughter Jaydin and I started with 2 cups of organic heavy whipping cream. We put it in our Kitchen Aid mixer with the wire whisk attachment and began whipping it at low speed, gradually increasing the speed to high as it thickened.

DIY Butter Recipe with mixer

The cream went through two phases: first it became thicker and thicker until it formed peaks, like whipped topping. After that, you’ll want to stay close by to lower the speed on the mixer because when the milk separates from the fat it can get a little messy quickly, with milk splattering everywhere. I can tell you from experience that it happens without warning. In my kitchen, milk splattered everywhere!

Make your own Butter Recipe

You’ll want to drain the milk from the butter that has formed. Set this aside in the fridge for some special use. My family loved it. They thought it was similar to half and half. We then returned the butter to the mixer to spin a little bit more of the milk out. I spun for a total of about 10 minutes to get from cream to butter.

Make your own Butter Recipe

At this point you can add any desired additives to your butter. We created a rosemary salted butter that is absolutely delicious by adding 1/8 tsp of kosher salt and about 1 to 2 tsp of fresh finely chopped rosemary.

To form the butter, we spooned it into mini muffin tins and placed them in the freezer to set for about an hour. We removed them from the tin by banging the muffin tin on a piece of wax paper. Once removed from the tin, we placed the little pats of butter into a baggie to freeze so that’s we could remove them in small amounts as needed.

Next we are going to make some cinnamon sugar butter. It will be perfect for breakfasts around here!



  1. nancy says

    I’ve made butter with students before with a marble in a baby food jar but never in a large quantity. You have me going with that cinnamon sugar butter! Santa forgot to bring me a Kitchenaid mixer so I guess I’ll just have to save my pennies for one :-)

    • Carli says

      Darn that Santa!!! My sister-in-law said that she has made it before in a big canning jar. I might do that with the kiddos next. Interesting that you added a marble to a jar. I can see how that can help the process along. If you’ve never had a kitchen aid, it’s worth every penny that you’ll be saving. I use mine constantly and love it! There are some cheaper alternatives out there but the kitchen aid is the only (and first) mixer I’ve ever had so I cannot vouch for them.

    • Carli says

      I’m sure it would Becca! Funny, my husband said “You need to make some garlic butter!!!” after I was done with the rosemary butter. That would sure make garlic bread so easy. Just pull it out of the freezer and slather it on your french bread. Yum! Give it a shot!

  2. says

    For those of you wondering, you can indeed make butter in a jar (try a big half gallon or quart size jar) AND with a handheld mixer. Or even with a whisk (or one of those Mexican hot chocolate frothers–the wooden ones. Sorry can’t remember what they’re called right now) although it does take quite a while. And that milk that’s left over is true buttermilk. Make pancakes! Or biscuits. It’s so much sweeter than the cultured buttermilk you find at the grocery.

  3. Kate says

    Wow, you made butter, on purpose! That’s really cool. And it will forever-more be my excuse when I over-beat the whipped cream. “No, silly that’s not whipped cream for the pie. It’s … um BUTTER, for the rolls. I meant to do that. Yeah. Really.”

    • Carli says

      Hi Meliphocent,
      You know, I didn’t even weigh it to see how much it made. If I had to guess I’d probably guesstimate that it made at least 1 to 1.5 cups of butter. I’ll measure next time I make some and report back!

  4. deena says

    how long did it keep? I have made it before and put it in the fridge but in a few days it tastes sour. maybe I am not getting all the milk off? also, have you kept it in a butter bell on the counter?

    • Carli says

      Hi Denna,
      My rosemary salted butter went directly into the freezer and I pull it out as I need it (initially froze them in mini muffin pans, removed them and then put them in a ziplock). We are still using ours! I haven’t tried putting them in the fridge but I think when I was researching it, it was said to use within a week, I believe.

  5. Essee says

    This is absolutely so very awesome! Thank you for your exquisite site – I just discovered it and am in love :)

  6. Sue Morris says

    You really should “wash” the butter once you have poured the milk off. This will make it keep longer. You simply add COLD water and at this point, I use a flat spade looking wooden spoon, but anything you have will work, and flatten out the butter, fold over and flatten again (called working the butter). I change the water once or twice, until it stays pretty clear. Then add a little salt or other spices you want.

  7. Rebecca says

    Would I be able to use half and half for this instead of milk? I need to use up some extra half and half :)

    • Carli says

      Hi Rebecca – I’ve only used heavy cream. Please let us know what your results are if you try it though! 😉

  8. rachel says

    I’m going to make this now, I was thinking of adding some honey…anyone tried this? Most honey butter recipes call for 1/4 cup of honey but I dunno if it would work with this butter recipe. I guess all I can do is try and hope it works out great!

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