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Blog Week 3KCBWDAY2 PhotographyDuring the last few months I’ve taken on a few crafty projects that are brand new to me. Dying, spinning yarn and photography have been a natural progression. They’re all intertwined, really. During her last vacation to the U.S., mom suggested that she and I dye a few 4 oz. lengths of superwash merino roving. I’ve dyed wool fabric in the past but roving is completely different. We dabbled with color in my kitchen and even with our inexperience, managed to create several beautiful colorways. Mom spun one into yarn for socks and I’ve been spinning the other for the past several months.
Blog Week 3KCBWDAY2 Yarn
For Christmas mom presented me with a beautiful shiny new spindle and promptly taught me how to spin yarn. Though I’ve yet to spin the full 4 oz. of roving,  I’m making slow and steady progress. I’ve met my fair share of obstacles when in frustration I put the spindle away for awhile. It always lures me back, though with it’s siren song of beautiful color. I love how relaxing it is to watch the colorful strips of roving spin into gloriously twisted singles wound so prettily on the spindle. The promise of the pretty combinations of hue keep me coming back even after I hit a rough patch.
Knitting & Crochet Week 3KCBWDAY2
Naturally, being a student of photography plays a huge role in my dyeing and spinning. While others might concentrate on the finished object they’ll create, it’s the photograph I imagine that inspires me. Capturing the hues and texture of the yarn in that instant of the shutter click isn’t an easy task for this newbie, but when I capture that perfect shot with the perfect lighting,  focus and flattering background, the results are undeniably beautiful. Those times inspire me to go on dyeing, spinning and trying my darnedest to show them to you in a beautiful light.
Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 3KCBWDAY2


    • Carli says

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Lisa! Still a lot to learn but I’m happy with my slow and steady progress 😉

  1. says

    Oh goodness! Everything about this is wonderful, I don’t even know where to start!! That spinning is just lush!! And the spindle and the colours, and the photos and the EVERYTHING!

    Kim x

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