French Knitting Dolls

French Knitting DollyFrench knitting, spool knitting, corking or whatever you’d like to call it – these darling little Asian dollies really steal your heart, don’t they? Mom found these in Madrid, Spain and thought my 3 oldest girls would get a kick out of them. Only problem is, she didn’t realize that I’d love them so much that I wouldn’t let the kids know that they are actually for THEM. I did let my oldest daughter borrow one to make a few bracelets though.

French Knitting Doll for Spool Knitting

If you haven’t used one of these sometime in your childhood, or adulthood in my case, the Fiberflux Blog has a wonderfully clear tutorial on how to use one. I’m in the process of making a bowl for an Easter centerpiece out of some beautiful cotton yarn I received from a recent Ravelry swap.

Don’t worry Mom – I’ll eventually give them to the girls…..after I’ve had my fun.



  1. says

    These are so precious! My first exposure to knitting was through these when my grandma taught me to use one when I was about 6. Now I use them to teach the kids that come to my craft program at the library :)

  2. says

    Thanks for mentioning my tutorial from Fiber Flux! I have had great fun with these…I have been poking around online, I envision a collection of these on a cute little shelf. I love the ones you have shown here…so cute!!!

    • Carli says

      Thank you for such a great tutorial, Jennifer! I was thinking the same thing – a cute little collection of french knitting dolls in my sewing room would be amazing!


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