DIY Glitter Polish!

DIY Paint Glitter Nails and ToenailsLast week my girls and I said goodbye to Mom as she made her way back to Greece. During our family visit with Mom, Grandma, sisters in law Emily and Cindee, along with my four daughters – we managed some super fun girly activities, such as giving ourselves glitter pedicures! Cindee brought over a selection of Martha Stewart fine glitter and nail polish from her stash and we took turns first painting, then sprinkling the glitter on each others’ toes. By the time we were done, we were a sparkly rainbow!

How to Paint Glitter Nails and Toenails

Want to create your own star studded toenails? Here’s how we did it:

Start with a clean piece of paper and work over it to catch the excess glitter. Paint one foot with the nail color at a time then sprinkle the coordinating glitter to fully cover the nail bed. Don’t be stingy with the glitter, you’ll shake off the excess and making a tube of your paper, pour the loose glitter right back into the tube. Use a slightly moistened cotton ball to clean up any glitter that stuck to the skin around your toenails.

Allow to dry for a few minutes then follow by several coats of a good top coat polish.

I was really surprised at how well this stayed on. Normally my polish chips within a day or two, but over a week later, it hasn’t chipped or peeled. Yay! Periodically adding a coat of clear nail polish will extend the life of your glitter polish.

DIY Painted Glitter Nails and Toe Nails

I’m going to pretend that those aren’t my farmer tan feet in this picture ;-)

From Grandma, all the way down to five year old Ivy – in our book, you’re never too old, or  too young for glitter!




  1. vjcollins says

    I know this isn’t a nail polish comment, but I’m really jealous because NO ONE in your photo has bunions, and I’ve got them on both feet! :))) I really like your glittery nail polish, too!

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