Colorwork Cup Coziness

Why why why have I been so afraid of colorwork? I took the plunge and cast on to give it a try, using Ohdessa’s Three Colorwork Coffee Sleeves pattern. I jumped right in with the five color snowflake and it came together in just a few hours! Doesn’t my cup look cozy? :-) I modified the pattern by using fingering weight yarn scraps on 2.25mm dpn’s.  I simply cast on 72 rather than 60 stitches to start.

I was rather surprised to note how little yarn it used. Several of my colors were just mini skeins and it hardly made a dent in them! I was rather a fumble fingers – unable to knit with both hands, I just untangled my yarn as I went, changing colors every other stitch in some parts. I think two things were really important: I was careful to keep the stitches on my right needle spread out, so the strands were kept loose. As a result, I didn’t have any problem with puckering in the finished cozy. And when it came to binding off – I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind off to get a really stretchy edge. Any stretchy bind off will work well, I’m sure.

I love my new coffee sleeve and I’ve gained a ton of confidence with colorwork! If you’ve been itching to try it, this is a great and simple project to learn on. Pop into our Ravelry Group to see the beautiful coffee sleeves many of our Crafty Friends have completed! Make your own, join the group and post a picture in the thread of your finished object by August 15th to qualify for some really nice prizes.

We’d love to have you knitting and learning along!




    • Mom says

      It’s easy Evelyn. Seriously! I’ve avoided it thinking I had to learn a bunch of stuff in order to do it. Of course, I never did get the hang of the two handed knitting, so I’m slow – changing the colors back and forth in my one hand and untangling, so I’m a bit challenged, but I had fun putting the different colors together. I’ll definately do more…maybe for the Ravellenic Games I’ll do a more challenging project!

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