Colorful Silhouettes

DIY SilhouettesRemember those profile silhouettes you made in black and white in grade school to give as a gift to your parents? Christina Williams transformed them into fabulous focal points for your home. She published an easy DIY tutorial on how to create these updated silhouettes on canvas in trendy colors! We had so much fun making these at our house. There was a lot of trial and error in the beginning, I didn’t understand at first that I needed to take the profile picture of my kids from the same exact distance each time in order to keep the same scale. There is just no way my little 5 year old has a bigger head than her 15 year old sister. Ha!

DIY Silhouettes

A tip for our Crafty Friends: I purchased contact paper you’d use in your kitchen rather than the expensive vinyl sold in craft stores. It worked perfectly well and a large roll cost under $5.00.

You’ll really enjoy making these cute little silhouettes. The finished project is so detailed and professional! Each took about 30 minutes and will bring a lifetime of memories.

Make Canvas Silhouette DIY Tutorial

7 month old, Graham, wanted to eat his so bad! ;-)

Clever girl, that Christina Williams!




    • Carli says

      Yes, try them! They were really fun and while I’m a pretty crafty person, I can just barely draw a stick figure so that type of artistic ability obviously isn’t needed in this project. Ha!

      Thanks so much, I really love them!

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