Adam’s Mirror

My stepson Adam is a creative sort. Not only does he create things for his work as a mechanical engineer, he does so in his time off as well. As a newcomer to woodworking, he’s already made some special pieces – including a one of a kind handcrafted photo frame that we received from him at Christmas. When Adam sent me some photos of his latest project, I knew I had to feature it here.

Adam’s hallway mirror is framed with small turning blocks that are commonly used to make pens.  The dimensions of the blocks are typically ¾” x ¾” x 6” but they almost all vary a little giving the mirror an edge with varying height of pieces.  These were rough sawn, which means they required quite a bit of sanding. Adam used 320 grit sandpaper, then finished the pieces with 800 grit. No finish was added at all – the natural finish was perfect on its own.

When I asked how he assembled this, Adam said that he first cut a piece of 1/4″ thick plywood 8 inches larger, (both wider and taller), than the dimensions of the mirror, then glued the mirror centered on the plywood with gorilla glue, leaving a 4″ border all around. He then glued the turning blocks to the plywood starting at the mirrors edge and working his way toward the center and sanding the blocks to fit. Part of the fun of this project was experimenting with arranging the blocks in a pleasing design.

For hanging, Adam used a hanging kit that held up to 75 lbs and screwed securely into a stud. He doesn’t trust drywall hangers for something so heavy.

Adam told me that he bought the entire box of wood on ebay at a discount. The result reminds me of those exotic pieces you see at import stores. These would be great gifts, Adam! hint, hint…



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