A Tisket, A Tasket – a Fabric Easter Basket!

Ivy Easter BasketsEvery year I tell myself that I’m going to make Easter baskets for my girls. Every year I fail and end up at the dollar store purchasing cheap baskets and plastic eggs that get thrown in the trash shortly after the big day. Of course, blogging gives me a new-found motivation to get the crafty to-do’s done. I’m always excited to share my tips, tricks and tutorials with our crafty friends.

DIY Fabric Easter BasketThis sweet little Easter basket measures 4.5 inches wide X 4.5 inches, tall but you can make any size you’d like with a very simple formula. Decorating ideas for your very own basket are endless! You could make your outer basket out of patchwork, or add applique or embroidery for decoration. I decided to add a ruched inset to give my baskets some frilly flare.  My DIY Ruched Camera Strap Slip Cover tutorial will help explain how to make your own ruched basket insert if you decide to do that.

To make the basic basket, start by choosing the size of the bottom of your basket. You can use a plate, jar, or any round, easy to trace object that looks like the size basket you’d like to make. Once you find that size, you will take the diameter of your circle by measuring from side to side, then multiply that measurement by 3.14 which will give you the circumference of your circle and thus, your measurements for the length of your basket’s sides.

Inside fabric
Outside fabric
Handle Fabric
Fusible fleece to add a little stiffness and just the right amount of “squish” to your basket. You can add the fleece to just the outer layer or you can add it to both inner and outer. I tried both and liked the stiffness of adding it to both layers.

I started by tracing the top to a little tin can I have. My circle was 4.5 inches.  (4.5 X 3.14 = 14+ inches, I rounded down to make it easy on myself). So I cut the following:

Easter Basket Tutorial DIY

(2) 4.5 inch circular bottoms (one for inside, one for outside)
(2) 5 X 14 inch sides (on for inside, one for outside). You can make the height of your basket any size you’d like! You can also adjust for a decorative outside such as a ruched inset. Just be sure to account for seam allowances so that your height comes out exactly as you’d like. I also have to admit that after cutting everything out, I went back to my inner layers of fabric and cut 1/4 inch off the width and height of the side of the basket. I hate the inner layer to be baggy inside the basket and in the end, it worked pretty well!
(4) 10 inch x 2 inch handles. I freehanded the shape at the top of my handles – flared them out a little then tapered them inward  to a point to make a cute knotted bow. (see above photo)

Let the sewing begin!

Sewing a fabric Easter Basket Tutorial

Take your basket side pieces and fold them so that your raw edges are together. Sew the raw edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Sew a Round Basket DIY TutorialFree DIY Fabric Basket Pattern

Pin your circular bottom to your inner and outer layer and sew using a really small seam allowance. I used about 1/8″. You may need to stretch your circle a little bit as you are sewing so it fits well. Don’t be too hard on yourself, a little pucker here and there will hardly be noticeable and adds a little bit of character (this is coming from a complete perfectionist too!)

Sew a Fabric Basket DIYSew the handles right sides together, clip curves and corners and turn right side out. Press.

Stitch a Fabric Basket Free PatternCraft ideas for Easter

Place your inner basket inside your outer basket with right sides together and matching the raw ends. Place both of your handles across from one another in between your inner and outer layers and pin in place.

Easter Craft Ideas for Kids giftsUsing a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew the top of the basket together leaving about 2 inches unsewn for turning.

Holiday Craft and Sewing IdeasSew the top of the basket using a 1/8″ seam allowance to ensure you catch the raw edges of your turn.

Make a loose knot in your handles and you have a perfect little basket all ready for Easter! 

Ivy's Easter Basket



  1. Rebecca says

    Question– do you cut 2 pieces of inside fabric and 2 pieces of outside fabric and sandwich the fleece inbetween???

    • Bek says

      No, although you will end up with that once finished. There is one outer fabric and one inner and following the tutorial will leave you with the fleece sandwiched in between but with no stitching visible like you would have if you sanwhiched the layers first.


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