A Superwash Merino Spin

Superwash Merino Spinning for YarnRemember the fiber we dyed in your kitchen, Carli? I’ve finally got it on my spindle and it’s bringing bright and happy vibes to these dreary wintery days we’re experiencing here. I’m so tired of wind and rain! I’ve had spinning for socks on my brain for awhile now and dare I say it? This could possibly be the yarn that works for that. It’s spinning up super thin so I’ll be able to navajo ply it for strength and it may still come out to be a heavy fingering or sport weight.

Spinning Superwash Merino Yarn

Keep your fingers crossed!




  1. says

    This is going to be interesting to follow along with you.
    Hope you keep us posted on this spinning and plying project.
    We’re finally getting some rain here [with accompanying thunder and lightening] We need the rain, an inch so far this morning.

    • Mom says

      Will definately keep you posted, Gerry. So glad you’re getting the needed rain and hope you have some sunshiny fiber to brighten your day! 😀

  2. Avlor says

    Your dyed roving is lovely! (Gah! Now I want to do dying again! I may have to setup a dye day with friends for next month… You enabler you! ) :)

    • Mom says

      Hehehe! Sounds like a dye day is just the ticket! We had so much fun playing with the colors on our dye day in Carli’s kitchen. I raised my eyebrows at this particular color combo, but it turned out to be one of my favorites! That’s the fun thing about dyeing…the surprises!

  3. Carli says

    So funny mom because I have the other superwash merino that we dyed currently spinning on my spindle! I’ll have to take a picture for you tomorrow. It’s slow going but it’s going to be so pretty when it’s done!

    • Mom says

      Can’t wait to see! I’m going to put up a tutorial for Navajo Plying soon. When you’re done spinning the singles, you can give that a try!


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