A Perfectly Fitted Pot

Knitted Tea Pot CoverMy little 4 cup teapot works awfully hard around here. We break it out every evening after work, trying out the various types of tea used here in Greece. I picked my teapot out of a tea store in London when I was visiting there with my Mom last year. We were inspired to purchase our own after experiencing our first authentic high tea, complete with scones. I’d be embarrassed to tell you how many of these little tea stores we visited so that I could find the perfect sized pot in just the right color. I’ve read that this is called a brown betty. Mine is not an authentic brown betty, since these were only made by certain companies in Britian – using red clay and a special glaze, which were said to keep the tea hotter. Spin your own yarnBut it looks sort of like one, and I love the color. Mine could definately use a little help in the heat department so I decided to knit a little sweater to help it along out of the handspun I showed you in Secrets of a New Yarn Spindler.

Teapot Knitted CozyI found this ingeniously designed free Tea Pot Cozy pattern,  from Alexis Layton . Knit with chunky yarn on large needles, it works up in a flash and is a perfectly fitted little teapot cover! Since my pot was an inch or so smaller than the one that the designer made the pattern for, I knit on smaller needles – US 8 instead of US 10 and the result is perfect. Don’t be worried if it’s tight – just stretch it right over your teapot, button it up and the heat of brewing your first pot will effectively block it right into the perfect shape.

Knit Pattern Teapot Cozy

Will you have one lump or two, Crafty Friends?




  1. Tammie says

    What a great use for your beautiful homespun yarn! I am obsessed with all things tea. I have a collection of tea pots and many books on afternoon tea. My favorite pots are made in England by the Chatsford company and have a built in strainer that lifts out for cleaning. Most of my pots are decorative so I wouldn’t want to cover them up. However, I have one that is white with a simple black stripe along the center of the handle and around the top rim of the pot. This one could definitely use a cozy! It can hold about 26 oz. of tea. Does your 4 cup tea pot hold four 8 oz. cups, or four 6 oz. “tea” cups? A little tidbit for anyone looking for a large selection of loose tea: My favorite place to order tea is uptontea.com. I’m especially partial to their Irish Breakfast Blend, and their Premium C02 Decaffeinated Assam. Most decaffeinated teas taste flat to me, but this one is extremely flavorful and aromatic. Happy sipping!

    • Mom says

      Hi Tammie,
      My 4 cupper makes 4 – 8 oz cups. When I got it, they had the strainers you could buy to use with the pot, but they were out of the size needed for this pot, so I bought one from a tea shop in the U.S. that I use. It doesn’t have that perfect fit, but it works. Thanks so much for the name of the tea place. I’m off to visit that site!

    • Mom says

      Thanks Rie – isn’t that a clever pattern? So nice that it’s free too. The designer did a great job. This isn’t the last time I’ll make one!

  2. Stephanie says

    oh dear! another project added to the list but this is exceedingly adorable. I have been searching for a teapot cozy that doesn’t cover the top. Perfect. I may have to bump this to the top of the knit list.

  3. Sharon says

    i love your teapot story, i in fact have the same teapot. i was a gift i got for my wedding, i use it very frequently as well.

  4. Kenzie says

    Hi there! I just bought a similar teapot for my friend’s birthday (same size) and I really want to make this for her. Its absolutely adorable! I have a few questions. Did you have to change the pattern at all to fit the smaller size? If so, how? Also, is it difficult? I have only knitted a few things so I’m a little intimidated by this project. :) Thanks! And I am in love with that yarn btw…

    • Mom says

      Hi Kenzie! This is one of the easier things I’ve knit. You’ll do fine with that pattern! The only change I made to the pattern suggestions was to knit it on smaller sized needles. Size US 8 rather than US 10. It will be tight when it’s done, but don’t worry about that. It’s supposed to be. It’ll loosen up with the heat of use. Have fun with it and let me know how it turns out. :-)

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