A Happily Ever After Spin

Ever since I read Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club, I’ve paid more attention to my intention and how it affects everything around me, from my relationships with others to my creative projects. I often think about this when creating an item for someone - I pay attention to the energy I put into the piece, not only with my hands, but also with my thoughts, dreams and yes – my intention toward that person. This is one of the reasons I enjoy participating in knit alongs and creative theme inspirations. They really help me to create a story for each project. Photo’s, poems, quotes, people, places – they’ve all helped inspire projects of mine. If you enjoy spinning on a theme, the Spindlers group on Ravelry hosts a spinning challenge with a different theme each month.

I was presented with the idea for a new project when I recently made a new crafty friend who shared not only herself with me, but also her stash by sending me a box of spinning samples, stitch markers and these beautiful twin batts of merino, alpaca and bamboo in the “Happily Ever After” colorway. Thanks again Chandaleanne!Happily Ever After Spinning YarnWhat better project to begin in the month my youngest son will marry and I’ll gain a new daughter in my family, and a new Grandson! My son Alex and his fiance’, Emily are as happy as any two people I’ve seen as a couple. I believe they’ve each truly found the perfect partner. All month, as I spin these batts, my hopes and thoughts are focused on my best wishes for this young couple to have a blessed life together.

Make Your Own YarnI’m spinning a mixed fiber for the first time and it’s a bit more challenging, I think. The different lengths and textures have to be coaxed together and little noils picked out and discarded. I’ve found that a new technique: spinning from the fold, is working well for this. My hands get sweaty and I have to be careful not to grasp the fiber too tightly and clump it together with my damp hands, so I’m taking breaks frequently, which is easy to do since I’m only spinning a chunk of fiber that is one staple length at any one time.

I plan to two-ply these singles and create a light fingering weight yarn. Perhaps for a lace shawl. Wouldn’t that be a perfect gift for my newest daughter in law? I’d enjoy sharing the story of how it was spun in the month she was wed.

Don’t they look happy? May it ever be so, my loves!




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  1. Posted June 3, 2012 at 4:45 pm | Permalink

    They look wonderfully happy! And that purple is delicious!! Beautiful spindling! Your new dil is going to love your creation from that.

    I need to go see the group’s stash photos. I had forgotten about the themes…and you are right. This spin is so appropriate to a happily ever after. :)

    • Mom
      Posted June 4, 2012 at 8:20 am | Permalink

      Thanks Stacey. Love stalking your beautiful spins on your blog too! :-)

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