A Daunting Task

Crochet Sea Pennies Pattern for BlanketThirteen year old Jaydin requested a crocheted bed throw some time ago. She’s had her colors and yarn picked out for months now and we’ve finally found a pattern that she likes! Thanks for the link to the Sea Pennies pattern by Julia Crossland, Mom! Think of me as I embark on this penny journey. I’m afraid to even calculate how many I’ll need. I fear when I’m done, I will never look at a penny the same again.

Crochet Sea Pennies Afghan



  1. paula says

    Love the colors you are using . . and, yes, you will still be working on this when you have great grand babies :0}

    • Carli says

      LOL Paula! I told my mom my 13 year old better root me on otherwise I will never complete it. Believe it or not, they crochet up rather quickly – the pain, as always, is weaving in the ends so I’m doing it as I go otherwise that will be my last step that halts the whole project for years. 😉

  2. says

    Arghh, and they are join as you go, so you can’t even do a stack & then sit down to join them! Good luck! (looks great btw!!)

  3. Crystal says

    I am trying to make a scarf with the sea penneys pattern. Could you please tell me what you do with the loop string after you pull the circle closed? Do you tie a knot? I am new to crocheting so any advise you could give me would be greatly appreciated!


  4. Heather Bergquist says

    I am wondering how you are joining them? My first grand-baby is due in May and I am bursting at the seams to make one of these for him or her~
    Also, how many stitches are you making into the center?

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