365 Photo Project

taking picturesAre you involved in a 365 photo project this year? For the first time, we’re giving it a try.  We’ve both vowed to carry our cameras with us everywhere and to become better acquainted with them in the process. Plus, what a fun photojournal of our year we’ll compile!

The popular 365 project is the concept of capturing a photo of your life every single day, for an entire year. Committing to the enormity of the project is a big part of the fun. It’s difficult to imagine what you’ll be photographing 9, or even 6 months from now! We’re off to a running start. I can’t say we’ll be faithful to this every single day of 2012. But we’re sure going to give it our best shot!

Mom’s Week One Photos:

Once you’ve compiled your photos, you can make them into fun mosaics, calendars or even posters at bighugelabs

Sources of 365 Inspiration:


Capture Your 365

We plan to share our favorites with you here from time to time.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your photography, come click along!



  1. says

    I got the new camera at Christmas but don’t know how to use it well, so, this will be such a fun way to learn how to use it. I’m in =o)

    • Mom says

      I kind of fell apart on mine, Charlene, but that’s okay, I’ll just pick right back up where I left off and get on with it. So fun to look back on these photos!

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