What to do with Knitted Pears?

Knitted Pear

I love to cook food. I love to eat food.  I love to knit and crochet food.

It’s one of those inexplicable things that just make me glad.

A real live pear is very nice, indeed. But a knitted pear? Why, a knitted pear is special. It’s different. It’s unexpected. Not to mention clever!

“What?”, my husband asked me quizzicly, “are you going to do with Knitted Pears?”  I’ve thought long and hard about that. Here’s some of the ideas I’ve come up with so far:

Knitted Fruit

  1. tree ornaments #1 – for Holidays
  2. tree ornaments #2 – hang from bare branches with ribbon
  3. group together in a bowl
  4. lavender filled sachets
  5. place-cards, when tied with calligraphy lettered name-tags
  6. toddler play food
  7. kitty toys
  8. party favors – labeled “the perfect pear” at a bridal shower
  9. in the kitchen – hang your rings on the stem while you wash up
  10. gift package ties 

Knitted FruitAnd while knitted pears are all this and more, you’ll also find that knitted pears are easy. I stitched these up in just a few evenings, using dk weight yarn scraps (held double), size US 5 needles and Mama 4 Earth’s Knitted Pear Tutorial

I used her leaf pattern also, because Mama 4 Earth makes some dang good patterns.

I’d love more ideas on what to do with knitted pears.

Just so I can tell my husband…



  1. says

    I see them in one of those twig nests with a gold ribbon tying some small Christmas balls to the stems as Christmas party favors – You know to play off the Partridge in a pear tree.

  2. says

    These are super cute! I have a couple of pear ornaments (plastic ones) for Christmas and these would go well with them. I’ll have to keep these in mind =o)

  3. Barbara Bagley says

    Clever idea and good suggestions for those pears!
    Make one as a gift, attach a recipe to it that
    includes pears.
    Great gift idea for a friend or teacher.
    Don’t always have to go for apples with Teachers! lol

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