Wedding on a Budget – Invitations

EngagementEmily said yes! Meet my little brother, Alex (aka Max), his fiance’ Emily, and her cutie pie son, Connor. They are in the beginning stages of planning their life together and the wedding comes first! Naturally they are a little bit concerned about the cost of such an event and this has inspired me to write a series of blog posts about weddings on a budget.  A handmade wedding is anything but skimpy!

Let’s start with invitations:

You can ditch those stuffy old engraved invites that cost a fortune! Graphic designers are offering a more modern and up to date approach. Looking them over, I took a little bit of a detour and found myself at Etsy of course, I love that place! – which has an amazing array of wedding card designers. One in particular caught my eye – The Parchment Place. I fell in love with her beautiful “print it yourself” wedding invitations. You can print them at home or take the digital file to a printing shop. She offers styles from fun and modern to more classy and elegant.

Print Yourself Wedding InvitationsThis is her Carved Heart Invitation. Is that clever, or what? 

Print At Home Wedding InvitationAnd her Modern Damask – for just a touch of elegance.

Not only does she offer the printable wedding invitations, she also has files for thank you notes, RSVP notes, wedding favor tags, address labels, water bottle wraps, menus and other coordinating designs.

Brainstorming other ways to create invitations, I visited my local craft supply store today and decided to get some card stock to try my hand at sewing on paper.  A quick search brought up the interesting concept of fabric covered wedding invitations from Merriment Designs. Here is my version of their fabric covered wedding invitation:

Fabric Wedding InvitesCrafty Wedding Invitations

It turned out great and believe it or not, the hardest part was figuring out the settings for my printer to print out a high quality invitation. I used a thick serging thread called Jeans Stitch which I thought gave it a nice touch. The cost of this card was about 85 cents plus fabric scraps plus about 5 to 10 minutes worth of time. Not too shabby!

See Max & Emily – you don’t have to spend $4 a piece on your invitations. They are fun to customize and you can make them as fun and playful or as elegant as you’d like!

I’ve had a great time playing with wedding invitations. I hope these ideas inspire you! ♥



  1. Max says

    Carli, That sewing on paper invitation is SO COOL! The moment Emily gets home I’ve GOT to show her that! Unique, tasteful, and frankly, AWESOME! Thank you for the ideas! Keep ’em coming! I Love You!

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