Wedding on a Budget – An Unconventional Bouquet

YoYo Fabric Flower for Wedding BouquetIn our crafty land of button bouquets, paper bouquets and felt floral bouquets, the traditional floral bouquet sure seems a bit pedestrian, doesn’t it? Sewing is my first love, so when I brainstormed crafty bridal bouquets for budget weddings, fabric flowers came to mind. I’ve made two types of fabric flowers in my lifetime – roses similar to the roses made in Wedding on a Budget – Favors and Decorations , but with fabric rather than crepe paper – and yo yo’s! I wanted something different than the usual rose bouquet so I just had to step outside the box to make a yo yo bouquet. I wasn’t sold on the concept at first – after all, when you think of an elegant wedding bouquet, yo yo’s aren’t the first thing that come to mind.

I have to say that the result surprised me – with a few sprigs of baby’s breath, I’ll bet it will be tres’ elegant.

Fabric Flower YoYo Wedding Bouquet

Jaci Modeling Fabric Wedding Bouquet

9 year old Jaci (excited to be a model on mom and grandma’s blog.)

Some notes on the Yo Yo Bouquet:

If you aren’t familiar with making a fabric yo yo, here is a great tutorial – How to Make a Yo-Yo By Heather Bailey. I make them the lazy way – using my sewing machine to baste the edges then gather.

The bottom yo yo layer is made with 6″ circles.

The top yo yo layer is made with 4.5″ circles.

I purchased a Fabric cover button kit and sew-on crystal gems for the center of my flowers.

I placed a few whip stitches in the back of each yo yo as I sewed on the buttons. I used these stitches to wrap my floral wire around then used a big dab of hot glue where the wire met the flower. The wire should be perpendicular to the flower. The hot glue also helped so that my flower wasn’t floppy on my wire.

I gathered all of my flowers and arranged them exactly how I wanted them to look and wrapped my floral wire with white ribbon, placing tiny dots of hot glue on the floral wire every few turns.

I made this bouquet for less than $20 in supplies and 2 hours of crafting. Successful project, indeed!

If you make one, I’d sure love to see it!



    • Carli says

      I agree! A single flower definitely has potential when made from fabric! 😉 I must admit though, I haven’t seen that trend played out yet. I’ll have to see if I can find some pictures. Sounds neat!

  1. Barbara Bagley says

    Really like this bouquet and think of all the fabrics one can choose from for their special occasion. Besides, this will be much better to keep as a souviner than
    dead flowers. Can also make the bridegrooms boutineer to match. Yay!
    Good job, Carli!

  2. says

    So cute! Jaci looks gorgeous as well. Have you tried the fabric flowers where you burn the petals to make them curl like a real flower? Those come out really cute, but it is a bit tedious.

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