Showering Baby

Cindee at Baby ShowerA few days ago we surprised my sister-in-law Cindee with an afternoon baby shower. She looks as gorgeous as ever with 8 weeks left to go in her pregnancy. Can you imagine her poor tummy getting any bigger?!

Ooodles of CupcakesMy girls and I made some mint green iced cupcakes and arranged them on a cupcake stand (Jaci described them as “Oooodles of Cupcakes” Where do they learn these expressions?) We were short on time but managed to assemble a few felt owls to top some of the cupcakes. We used this cute little Christmas ornament pattern from Juicy Bits. We thought it made an excellent cupcake topper. They were quick and easy to assemble and were quite forgiving – this was my first felt applique project and it just wasn’t as hard to get uniform stitches as I had feared.

Felt Owl Applique Cupcake Topper

 Big brother Corey pronounced the cupcakes “Deeyishus!”

Corey eating Owl Cupcake

There just isn’t anything better than getting together to celebrate a new family member with good friends, loving family and an amazing spread of food!

Wish  I could do this every day ♥



  1. says

    Cindee looks great! I bet you are all so excited. Those little owls are adorable! I haven’t worked much with felt, other than making Emma’s tooth fairy pillow years ago. The owls look like something my girls might like to do for Christmas ornaments.

    • Carli says

      I will pass on your well wishes, Ria! Thank you!

      Amy, they are pretty easy – your girls could make them. Just give them a blunter needle. They are quick and easy too.

  2. Cindee says

    Oh Wow, That camera angle makes me look even larger. Either that or I am just in denial. The shower was great, I love my family. Thanks for the wishes :)

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