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Make Matts for KidsFunny how no matter what sort of furniture is available, our girls tend to end up sprawled on pillows across the living room rug for board games or movie night. I had ordered some fabric to make them each a bean bag chair, but I found the filling to be a little too pricey. Browsing online, I happened upon some folding mats for kids that gave me a terrific idea. Why not make a sort of matt with the fabric I had on hand using bed pillows for cushioning? For each matt, I created 5 pockets, essentially 5 pillowcases, joined along their long sides. The girls can spread them out to lay on when they’re watching TV, or they can sit quite comfortably against a wall by folding the first pillow or two back on themselves to form a backrest to read a book or play a game.

Make Matts for kids

These have become pretty popular places to be at our house. I’ve even caught the girls doing their homework on their new ‘pillow lounges’. And happily – the bed pillows stay on the beds!

Make a Pillow Chair



    • Carli says

      Hi Rebecca,
      Yep, just like a pillowcase, the end is open. I will be putting a big chunky button or two at the end of each as I am noticing the pillows tend to want to peek out every now and then. 😉

  1. Brandie says

    Hi Carli

    Do you know about how much material this is?? Also is there a step by step tutorial somewhere? Thanks! and Thank you for sharing!


    • Carli says

      Hi Brandie,
      I didn’t do a step by step pictorial but I’m happy to explain it to you. If there is enough interest maybe I’ll do one in the future! Standard pillows are approximately 19 to 20 inches wide and I wanted them to be 5 pillows long for my older girls and 4 pillows long for my youngest. My prewashed fabric was about 100 inches long (for the 5 pillow lounger) and 80 inches long (for the 4 pillow lounger). I believe the pillows were just over 30″ wide. I hemmed the long side of both front and back fabric then sewed them right sides together along the 3 unhemmed edges – leaving the hemmed long side open to insert pillows. Turned right side out then every 20 or so inches I straight stitched down the width to make mock “pillow cases”. If you’d like further information, I’m happy to help in any way I can!

      • Brandie says

        Thanks Carli! This should work. If I run into problems, I will let you know. I won’t be doing this for a bit. Planning a wedding and 3 Kiddos w/birthdays have my project list rolling out the door! Thanks!

          • Carli says

            Exciting, Brandie! Congratulations! We will definitely expect to see a picture or two, you know? 😉 My youngest brother is getting married at the end of this month – we are all so excited!

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