How ’bout a Nightcap?

How about a nightcap knitted patternHere’s a fun little pattern to embellish your gifts of spirits for the New Year. These sweet little stocking caps look adorable perched atop bottles of all kinds. Knit them in the round with small amounts of scrap yarn in about 30 minutes, then pat yourself on the back for avoiding buying another expensive, throw-away bow!


3.5 mm double pointed needles (US size 4)
small amount DK to worsted yarn


CO 15 loosely and join in the round being careful not to twist stitches
P 4 rows
K 12 rows
(K2tog, k3) around
K 3 rows
(K2tog, K2) around
K 7 rows
(K2tog, K1) around
K 14 rows
k2tog around
k 10 rows
cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches. Fasten off. Make pom pom and attach to top of hat Place on bottle and gift with much good humor.

Happy 2012 to you, Crafty Friends!

Download How ’bout a Nightcap PDF Pattern

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness… I love them – and they will now be adorning my daughter’s Barbie collection since we have nowhere to go this NYE. Cutest little project though, y’all are always so creative.

  2. Andrea says

    OMGosh! Those are awesome!! I’m back on my knitting kick and this is going to be perfect for using some left over yarn! Thanks!

    • Mom says

      Glad you’ll enjoy them, Andrea! I had a blast covering every bottle in my house. Once I got started….well, the ketchup needed one, the lemon juice, the mustard… :-D

  3. Camille says

    I love these! I made one with cotton (which I didn’t like so much) and one with wool (which I did like!)…what kind of yarn did you use for these?

    • Mom says

      Hi Camille! I used wool. It’s made by Mirasol – and is called Hacho. It’s a dk weight 100% wool. I liked them out of wool also because they stretch, and spring back, like cotton doesn’t so much.

  4. says

    oh, how cute they are. I don’t knit at all…but, maybe somebody I know can make me some from your gift of a pattern…. thanks for it. I want some of my little bears to have one!!

    • Mom says

      You’re welcome BumbleVee! Maybe you can trade a knitter something to get them to knit some for you! (I’m big on bartering)

  5. Leah Fay says

    Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I am wanting to learn how to knit and this looks like a good small project to start with. I pinned the picture to my pinterest page with a comment including your webpage. Thanks!

    • Leah Fay says

      I see Share The Love for facebook and twitter but not an option to link to pinterest. Is that an option? I could be a dork because I am not sure what a tumbler or digg is. Thanks for your help.

      • Carli says

        Hi Leah,
        I use pinterest too so I’m extremely bummed that it’s not yet an option in our social media sharing plugin. However, I have looked into it and they do say it’s coming soon so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s REALLY soon! Hopefully you’ll see it as an option on our blog very soon!

  6. Clare says

    I love your pattern but was wondering if you give me an idea on how to convert it to crocheting?? Unfortunately I don’t knit but would love to gift these to friends and family!!
    If there’s no easy conversion, do you start at the opening or the end of the hat – I can’t tell from the knitting instructions, sorry! But I might be able to work it out if I knew which end to start from :)
    Thank you!!

    • Mom says

      Hi Clare,
      I started from the opening of the hat and worked upward toward the smaller end. Happy crocheting! :-)

      • Clare says

        Thank you for your quick reply!
        I figured it out myself, but started at the small end and worked down to the opening, it looked pretty good and the birthday girl loved it!
        Sorry I didn’t make any notes, just tried my best to get it looking like yours.
        Thank you again!

    • Mom says

      I can’t remember whether I used 4 dpn’s or 3 for the round, Kathleen, but either way will work! Glad you’re enjoying them. :-)

  7. ski says

    Oh, now I’ve got it figured out. I’m new to knitting and I just got 3.5mm straight needles. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to knit in the round on straight needles. I wish I’d have seen that this pattern uses dp needles. Maybe update the instructions for newbies like me. Cute pattern, once I get my dp needles, I’ll try again.

  8. queen of string says

    Thanks for this cute pattern and extra thanks for being so generous in sharing. Any I sell will include a pattern link on the label.

  9. Sophie says

    I love this pattern and your Pint Sized Pines in a Cork Forest! Very cute and fun ideas for when I’m in the mood to knit but not to commit to a large project :)

    • Mom says

      Thanks Sophie! I feel the same way. Love sharing a little knitting with friends and family without committing to a big time project!

  10. Amy Higgins says

    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. I have had it ‘Pinned’ for a while, but finally had some free time to sit down and try making it. I just love how it turned out, and can see myself making them as gifts in the future. This one I’ll have to keep ;)


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