Holiday Crayons

Melting Crayons into ShapesThe sweetest little heart shaped crayon was included in my recent order of a child’s artist case from my good friend, Amy at Our Little Messes. I thought it was absolutely precious, so it came to mind when middle t’ween daughter, Jaydin was asking for my help to think of gift ideas for her little sister and cousins. Being an artist herself, Jade loved the idea so we promptly went out and found a silicone holiday mold to make her specialty crayons.

Peeling the paper is job number one for this project. Next she sat and agonized about what hues went best together, sorting, pairing and considering her options carefully. When she’d made the perfect color selections, she filled her molds accordingly with 2 crayons per mold, broken into pieces, set them on cookie sheets and popped them in the oven at 250 degrees for about 10 minutes (until they were completely melted). Cooling took about 20 minutes until they firmed up. Impatient to see the results, Jaydin put them in the freezer for another 20 minutes and I thought this was a terrific idea. They popped out of the molds so easily!

Melting Broken CrayonsMelted Crayons Perfect Stocking Stuffer

She packaged them in little cellophane bags to drop into stockings and has grand plans to teach the little ones some of her more basic drawing techniques.

Crafting with Kids Melting Crayons

What a great project, Jaydin! You created the perfect chunky, multi-colored crayon for little hands!



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    LOVE the Christmas tree shaped crayons! They are so fun to make. Jeff has taken over that job around here and seems to really enjoy picking which colors to put together. Hope you had a great holiday!


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