Featured: Retromama Softies

Retromama Owl PatternKim – Retromama on Etsy – and I go way back. I don’t think we’ve ever exchanged more than a few emails with one another, but we’ve been acquaintances in the cloth diapering Elephant Retromama Softie Patterncommunity for many, many years. About 5 years ago she made me a great boho bag that I carried faithfully, first as a diaper bag, then a school satchel. I’ve always admired her eye for great coordinating fabrics. A few months ago I was pleasantly surprised when I found her again on etsy and better yet, she was selling her patterns! I was so excited I immediately purchased 3 of her patterns to make Christmas presents for my nephew, nephew-to-be and daughter. Once again she has wowed me with her eye for fabrics, but she’s also wowed me with the simplicity of these patterns. Each pattern that I’ve made – Stella & Stewart Owl Softie, Tilly & Tommy Elephant Softie and Betsy & Basil Bunny Softie – has been so readable and easy to follow.

Bunny Softie Retromama PatternWhen I asked Kim what inspired her to write her patterns, she answered “I am a very visual person, and I have a super hard time following traditional sewing patterns. So, when I was learning to sew, I made up my own patterns. I love to take photos and to teach, and it was a natural extension to develop my patterns so that anyone could be successful with them. I’m a little kid at heart, and I have a soft spot for animals, so expect to see more cute critters from me in the future!”

Kim, I’ve been eying that cute little purse pattern you have in your shop and just can’t wait to see what you come up with next!♥



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