Featured: Peony Lariat

Make Knitted Peony Lariat NecklaceI’ve long admired the beautiful Peony Lariat by Ohmay Designs. I’d love to tie it around the slender necks of beautiful Bridesmaids at a garden wedding, or pinned to the waist of a child’s gathered cotton dress. Such a lovely, romantic piece!

When asked how she was inspired to design such a beautiful thing, Ohmay shared, “It was few years ago when I created the knit peony flower. Thinking back, I believe that the peony came about as a trial and error and not as a design goal. My very first knit flower was the poinsettia which was created for a Christmas challenge with an Etsy team I belong to. From there I experimented with different shapes and sizes of petals. My experiments were to take needle and yarn and cast on with a shape in mind from there I increased/decreased to get the shape I wanted. The petals for the peony came out very bold and well-formed. With no flower in mind, I made a few, bunched it up and behold the peony flower was created. I thought that it would make an amazing necklace and the rest came easily. You can say that my floral creations are a gathering of different shapes/sizes that come together with no originating vision to become something beautiful.”

Beautiful indeed!

Knitted Necklace PatternOhmay has used her perfect Peony in several ways, “I try to make my creations to be functional in more ways than one. The Peony has decorated my sofa pillows, used as a brooch for my jacket. My daughter has used it as a headband and also tied it to her ponytail. You can also make a few and make a bouquet in a vase.”

You can find the Peony Lariat and other pretty flower designs, available as both kits and patterns at Ohmay’s etsy store: OhmayDIY

Thanks so much for sharing a peek of your lovelies, Ohmay! They are amazing. ♥



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