Featured: Giant Doily Rug

A doily crocheted rugEvery once in awhile I see a project on Ravelry that just bowls me over with it’s awesomeness. This is one of those that just wowed me with the sheer resourcefulness of it all! Meet Emma – Leftlady on Ravelry, a Mom of 3 girls who lives on the south coast of Australia. She has made the greatest rug that looks like a doily, but is giant sized. It is made from about 900 meters of 10 mm upholstery piping she received with the purchase of an upholstery machine and one huge crochet hook. She created this without a pattern  with only 2 years crochet experience!

Emma shared, “My inspiration for this rug came while surfing the net one day, I came across a link to a site called ladiesandgentlemen.com – this amazingly talented lady made her mega doily with her bare hands, no hook! But I fell in love with the idea immediately and it wasn’t long before I remembered that I had a reel of cotton piping out in the garage. In one of those spur of the moment decisions I hopped in the car to head down to my local craft shop to pick up a big enough hook to start straight away. The biggest I could find was a 15mm one, about the thickness of my thumb. I spent about an hour looking at various doily patterns on ravelry but was sure that there would be gauge issues when it came to trying a pattern so I decided to wing it and make up the pattern as I went.”Crocheting an area Rug

Giant Doily Rug Crochet When I asked Emma how long it took to complete this project, she said, “I’m a self confessed procrastinator, and this project is proof of that once again. It took me 6 months to complete. When really I think there would not be more that 10-12 hours work in it. I found it quite hard on the fingers and wrists as each stitch really needed to be coaxed through, but still 6 months is a long time. It has been ‘lived on’ in that time as well, which with 3 little ones I’m sure you can imagine means juice, crackers and lots of grotty little feet and fingers all over it. But it’s really held up quite well, it has just gone through its first wash and came out brighter than ever!”

Big Crochet Rug

Cost of this project? $3.45 for the hook!

Result? Priceless!

Emma is one of four crafty Moms’ who blog collaboratively at The Handmade Rainbow.



  1. Andrea says

    I love this rug!! I’ve got giant knitting needles but not giant crochet hooks so maybe I’ll do something similar. Just knit instead. 😉

  2. says

    this doily rug turned out fantastic. i’ve started one as well with zpagetti yarn but didn’t really enjoy to make it. but i love the outcome! wow!

  3. Brittany says

    This is so beautiful! I wish I had the time to make something so amazing. I might just have to stop my business and takes. Whirl at it!

  4. says

    That is awesome!!! I so need to learn how to crochet… and then somehow source 900 meters of upholstery piping because I WANT ONE OF THOSE 😀

  5. Alecia Rae says

    Did the 15 mm hook work? I have 9mm cotton rope coming to me and I was wondering what I size would work… :) thanks!

  6. Karla says

    I plan on making this project out of Plarn. This is what they call the yarn you make from the brown plastic grocery store bags. You cut in slices 1 1/2″ wide and then connect to the next. Roll in a ball as you go along. If you save bags for about a month you will have enough to make this project at no cost aside from the J or K crochet hook. This will make your project a nice mauve/tan color that will go with most decor these days. You also have the satisfaction knowing it is a recycled project. Thanks for sharing your idea

    • Carli says

      That is such a neat idea, Karla! Would you please share a picture of it when you’re done? I’m excited to see it!

  7. nadody says

    that is gorgeous! I’d love to make one. I already have the spot picked out lol. i have a 15mm bamboo hook which i ordered recently. jus need to get some of that rope (?) does anyone know the proper term for it in australia, maybe i’ll be able to get some from bunnings. thanx :)

  8. Lori Wilson says

    Is it possible to get the pattern she used? Or should I just find my favorite doily pattern and use this material? Thank you!

    • Carli says

      Hi Lori,
      I believe Emma has said that she created the pattern as she crocheted so I don’t believe there is a specific pattern to share. I’m going to make one soon and do plan to use a pretty doily pattern. Would love to see yours when you’re done with it!

  9. Angela doebert says

    I would LOVE to buy a rug off you!!!…I can’t knit or crochet but I want to learn. But I really want one of these rugs sooooo bad. Would you sell one to me????…or if you don’t make them for others do you know where I can purchase a similar one?..thanks!!!..:)

  10. Beatrice Reid says

    I expect one could make it with old T-shirts cut into strips, thus recycling them. One could then make it lots of different colours which wouldn’t show the dirt so much. Also I suppose one could use old towels also cut into strips to make a bath-mat.

  11. says

    I love the way the pattern came out. I actually made similar rug using a cotton rope. I did order upholstery piping from Joann.com, but when I saw it, I thought it would not last too long if anybody started to walk on it. I wonder how your rug is still holding up after more time has passed. My piping is still sitting in the boxes while I’m trying to decide what to do with it.
    On the other hand, I love how my cotton rope rug came out. check out my website (click on my name) to see it. You can buy it there too :) oh, you can add images :) [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-89cCKAY5H7w/URB5zeP-kPI/AAAAAAAAAIY/Yjl0MLMp8uE/s1600/BlogRope5.jpg[/img]

  12. Sandra Nosek says

    I absolutely love this rug! You could become rich! I would buy one! How long did it take you to make it? Gilbert,Az

  13. april perdue says

    Hello Emily

    I just wanted to know where you purchase your piping at by the role and what brand?? and size?? i love this rug


  14. Christine says

    I love the Giant Rug Doily! Is there a pattern that I can get from you to make it? I’d love to make it!! Thanks!!

  15. connie says

    Oh you smart girl. I have been pricing white rope to make a similar rug. I love the idea of upholstery piping better! Piping also comes in several sizes. Going to make a trip tomorrow to our local discount fabric store and purchase a spool. Thanks for this tip!!!

    • Carli says

      Hi Sandi, Emma created the pattern as she crocheted the rug so no specific pattern was used, however, I think it would work out fabulously to use your favorite doily pattern. 😉

      Have fun!

  16. Yolanda says

    I just love your rug I going to try two strands of cotton yarn and see if it looks as good as yours because I looked for piping and it was to costly. From Nashville Tenn. thanks Yolanda

  17. kels says

    I use material. cut a 2 ” wide strip. Make a small cut 1/4″ long, approx 1 inch from each material end. join together to make a continuous ball. I’ve made a oval throw rug to put in front of bathroom sink….chain 10, 1 dbl in 2nd chain from hook ch 1 skip 1 dbl in next, repeat around chain add 2 or 3 dbls at corners. As you start 2nd round don’t join 2nd round dbl in ch1 st ch1 over dbls and remember to add 2 or 3 dbla at each corner ….I had no pattern just winged it nice and easy ..I love the yarn look as well….


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