Eeeeeek! Monsters!

Knitted MonstersI can never get enough of Rebecca Danger monsters and these three little rascals have been mischeviously jumping around in my project queue, distracting me from other projects. They will be delivered via holiday stocking to three special little boys later this year.

Pattern: Harold the Houseplant Monster

Yarn: Mirasol Hacho DK  – found these colorful skeins on sale at my local Tuesday Morning Store last year for $4.00 per skein!

Knit magic loop with 3.5 mm (US 4)  circular needles.

 A note about magic loop: I avoided learning this method for over a year – it seemed so difficult! Let me tell you – it’s actually amazingly easy to do. Much easier to learn than dpn knitting. It made my life easier in many ways – including saving money on purchasing various sizes of those 16″ circular needles needed for hats. It’s so worth the hour or so it takes to learn. Knitting has a helpful video along with tips for the best circulars to use. My advice? Go for it!

My copy of The Big Book of Knitted Monsters is flagged with all the other little cuties who want to join our family next. Dot the Dress Up Monster is creating her share of attention getting drama, no doubt because she’s so anxious to meet my youngest Granddaughter. I’ve decided it’s really best that I close the book and tuck it safely out of sight until I finish the rest of my holiday knitting.

I let these three little rascals out for the Halloween festivities at our house, but don’t tell those three little boys they’re waiting to meet!

Knitted MonstersHappy Halloween, Crafty Friends!



  1. says

    What a great trio of Harolds! I love Rebecca’s monsters and have a ton queued up – though I haven’t actually knit one yet (I started the monster chunk but holiday knitting took over). Have you joined the Danger Craft ravelry group? They do fun swaps, and I just signed up for the holiday mini ornament swap – so I’m about to make my first monster! I can’t wait :)

    I will have to check my local Tuesday morning to see if they carry yarn…I love the ones you used for Harold.

    Magic loop is my go to method for knitting in the round :) I am trying to avoid learning to knit with DPNs for as long as possible…I don’t think my tiny hands and lack of coordination can handle any more than two needles….I have issues throwing a cable needle into the mix

    • Mom says

      Thanks Amy! I have participated in a swap with the Ravelry Danger group. So well organized and such fun! You’ll love it. :-) I don’t know why it took me so long to plunge into magic loop – it’s a piece of cake! I use it for almost all knitting in the round now too. I think since I learned to knit on dpn’s, I was just resistant to learn anything new. I’m sure glad I gave it a try, though.

  2. says

    They are so incredibly cute! I have been putting off learning the magic loop method because everything I read on how to do it just makes my blond brain hurt… lol. I know I am an intelligent woman but when I venture into the land of the magic loop method, I start to droll and fall over. I fear there may be no hope for me on that one.

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