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Mommy and Me Sock Set

Having my daughter-in-law as a Mom-to-be brings back so many happy memories of my own pregnancies and early Mommyhood. It reminds me of the tough times too. Labor and delivery, fighting exhaustion - early hours of the morning spent in the rocking chair, nursing and praying my little one would sleep so I could too. As I've been knitting gifts for my new grandson, I've thought of those gifts I … [Read More...]


Learn how to make your own binky straps for a fraction of the cost of store bought ones. Tutorial by

Binky Strap Tutorial

We learned of our pregnancy early, so we feel like we have known FOREVER, but are still several weeks away from learning the gender. I wanted to start sewing baby things, but decided to limit myself … [Read More...]

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free jelly roll knitted washcloth pattern

Jelly Roll Knitted Washcloth Pattern

I've been carrying a special secret close to my heart. I'll be welcoming a new grandchild into my brood this fall! It's definately time to get knitting, but I'm not too excited about breaking out wool … [Read More...]

Drawing on Fabric Tutorial

Draw Your Own Fabric

I came upon a happy crafting accident recently with my new set of Derwent Inktense pencils. I bought them to sketch with, but learned that they work quite well on fabric! They dissolve with liquid, … [Read More...]


A Zig Zag Scrappy Scarf

In my estimation, the best scrappy type knitting patterns are easy to remember. I love to have them "on the go" for a long time. A project that sits by my favorite chair that I can pick up at any time … [Read More...]


Doodle Art – Daily!

Although I love to draw and create - I often find myself being tight and restrictive, unable to loosen up. Not conducive to creating! I've found that warming up with doodling helps me to relax and … [Read More...]


Increase, Decrease

I just received a review copy of Increase, Decrease - 99 Step by Step Methods by Judith Durant from Storey Publishing and I am absolutely floored! I answer multiple questions each and every week … [Read More...]