"A Love-ly Felt Heart Wreath", just in time for Valentine's Day! |

A Love-ly Felt Heart Wreath

I think we all have at least one friend or family member who has cute decorations for every holiday. I have to admit, I am not that friend but hope one day to be a contender. I love to visit my crafty friend's house about once a month to get inspired. Walking into her living room is like seeing a Pinterest board in person. She really has some cute things - all handmade, of course! Early last … [Read More...]



Sweet Somethings

A squishy little garter stitch heart pattern that you can use in a number of ways. Are they tawashi’s? Why, yes they are! Coasters? Indeed! Mini washcloths? Most certainly! materials: worsted … [Read More...]

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A Fresh Fibery Start |

A Fresh Fibery Start

This is a good time for knitters - this quiet period between Christmas and the new year.  I've had time to reflect on what I've accomplished this year and time to look to the future. Every year I … [Read More...]

Little One Yard Wonders Book Review by

Little One-Yard Wonders

I've seen several of the One Yard Wonders books at my local quilt store and have been intrigued by the variety and ingenuity of the patterns within them. So I was delighted to hear that Storey … [Read More...]

Easy paint swatch ornament by

Paint Swatch Paper Ornament!

Tis the season to save money, so why not create a paint swatch paper ornament?  This fun craft is perfect for the kids to help put together and very inexpensive considering paint swatches are … [Read More...]

Mini {Retro-Style} Christmas Stockings. A miniature version of our popular stocking pattern. |

Mini Christmas Stockings

If you've seen Carli's pattern for Retro-Style Christmas Stockings, you'll love these little miniature versions! I took her assembled pattern to my copier and shrunk it down to my desired sizes. I … [Read More...]

Christmas Tree Gift Card-igans Knitting Pattern |

Christmas Tree GIFT CARD-igans

Our original cabled Gift Card-igan Knitting Pattern has been such a popular pattern that I decided to gift you with another version of the knitted holiday gift card cover. In case that's not … [Read More...]

Crochet Bird | Simply

Christmas Crochet!

When I want a crochet fix, I tend to pull out the Edie Eckman books. My copies of Around the Corner Crochet Borders and Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs are pretty dog-eared from the thumbing through … [Read More...]

Yarn Ball Ornaments by What a fun way to get some modern colors on the tree!

Yarn Ball Ornaments

I recently challenged myself to re-purpose my old ornaments into more modern ones to fit a new color scheme. I first started with the Upcycled Fabric Ornament. I really liked the way they turned out, … [Read More...]