Using Ikea and Polar Notions to Organizing Your Fabric Stash |

Organizing Your Fabric Stash

As a seamstress, having an organized fabric stash is important to me. Lately, though, I have been running out of space on my Expedit shelves for my fabric bolts. I recently cleaned up my shelves with some must-have products so I thought I would share the end result with you.  My main fabric storage area consists of two 2x4 Expedit shelving systems and one 4x4 Expedit shelf. These are … [Read More...]


knitting fabric rugs by karen tiede

Knitting Fabric Rugs by Karen Tiede

Buying supplies to feed my continual crafting addiction gets expensive at times. I'm always excited when I come across a good upcycling project -  reconstructing items that would normally be … [Read More...]

Canning Pickled Beets by

Canning Pickled Beets

Beets are a Cinderella story of their very own. Like most root vegetables, beets are dirty and not what one might call beautiful, but with a little love and canning magic...BAM they are transformed to … [Read More...]

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This quilted potholder tutorial uses stacked coins to create modern potholders perfect for any kitchen. These would also make cute placemats or mug rugs! |

Quilting Simplified Book Review

Simply Notable has a new first…. One of our items was recently published in a book called Quilting Simplified by Choly Knight. You may remember my tutorial last year for the Modern Quilted Potholders. … [Read More...]

lilsocks copy

Mommy and Me Sock Set

Having my daughter-in-law as a Mom-to-be brings back so many happy memories of my own pregnancies and early Mommyhood. It reminds me of the tough times too. Labor and delivery, fighting exhaustion - … [Read More...]

Learn how to make your own binky straps for a fraction of the cost of store bought ones. Tutorial by

Binky Strap Tutorial

We learned of our pregnancy early, so we feel like we have known FOREVER, but are still several weeks away from learning the gender. I wanted to start sewing baby things, but decided to limit myself … [Read More...]

free jelly roll knitted washcloth pattern

Jelly Roll Knitted Washcloth Pattern

I've been carrying a special secret close to my heart. I'll be welcoming a new grandchild into my brood this fall! It's definately time to get knitting, but I'm not too excited about breaking out wool … [Read More...]

Drawing on Fabric Tutorial

Draw Your Own Fabric

I came upon a happy crafting accident recently with my new set of Derwent Inktense pencils. I bought them to sketch with, but learned that they work quite well on fabric! They dissolve with liquid, … [Read More...]